• Kromex® was approved by IVECO BRASIL


    Kromex® was approved by IVECO BRASIL
    A continuous  great success of  Kromex®  to OEM customers. FLEXIBILITY IS THE KEY WORD FOR THIS SUCCESS with these commercial vehicle !
    Kromex emblems and logos are "flexible" and easily applied both on flat or curved surfaces.
    No need to make adjustments in production for the different applications.
    No need to retool if the application substrate changes from a flat to a curved surface.

  • Kromex® & golf


    On May 1st and 2nd ,  170 golfers competed at "La Margherita d'oro by Gastaldi Group" tournament: a classical competition for this golf club.

  • Demak permanent showroom


    Demak have installed a permanent show room where you can see all the process steps of Kromex® technology .

    Contact us for booking a visit to

  • The new machine HP 2010 is ready


    The new machine  HP 2010 is ready.
    A great possibility to register the preprinted colors and  improving accuracy of the forming .
    Come to Demak to make a trials.